Just Ripe Farm

Just Ripe Farm is a small diversified vegetable farm located in Reems Creek Valley of Weaverville.  We, Chad Briar and Rachel Kinard, worked on several small scale vegetable farms in the southeast and New York before starting Just Ripe this spring (2012).  Our goal for the farm is to try to create a sustainable system by using as little outside inputs as possible, enriching the soil by using compost and other natural amendments, mulching and raising organic matter to lessen irrigation and keeping expenses down so the farm can be economically sustainable. No synethic chemicals or pesticides are ever used on the farm.

  We  grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers and market to local restaurants and through our weekly email list.  Later this season we will open a farmstand, so check back to find more information about location, hours, etc!

This year we will be growing:                  


Kale                                   Tomatoes

Collards                            Peppers (hot and sweet)

Kohlrabi                           Eggplant

Cabbage                           Basil, Cilantro, Dill

Cauliflower                     Potatoes

Broccoli                          Sweet Potatoes

Celeriac                           Amaranth Greens

Brussel Sprouts             Malabar Spinach

Chicory                           New Zealand Spinach

Endive                            Purslane

Spinach                          Magenta Spreen

Romaine                        Flowers

Microgreens                 Summer Squash

Carrots                          Cucumbers

Beets                              Melons

Diakon/Radishes        Long Beans

Turnips                          Edamame

Asian Greens                Bush Beans

Fennell                          Corn

Leeks                             Onions




Winter Squash